LaTeX template for preparing supplementary material for submission to Optica

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This LaTeX template (v1.7, 10 December 2019) can be used to prepare a supplementary document for inclusion with submission to OSA’s new journal, Optica.

This document, which may include supplementary information such as expanded descriptions of materials and methods, will be published as a PDF linked to the primary article. The supplemental file should only present information that would be useful and worthwhile for the reader, for example, details that would be necessary to reproduce an experiment. The article, however, must be coherent without the supplemental PDF file. Please see the Author Guidelines for Supplementary Materials for more information.

Supplementary documents are not copyedited and so should be prepared carefully with the template provided. An abstract outlining the methods and materials in the supplementary document should be included here. The primary article should also be identified in the abstract: This document provides supplementary information to “Title of primary manuscript,” Optica volume, first page (year). The supplementary document should also be referred to at the end of the primary article before the references: “See Supplement 1 for supporting content.” OSA production staff will add final citation details, and so the source file must be provided.

Note that this template can be run from your own TeX system or within the cloud-based Overleaf system.

LaTeX template for preparing supplementary material for submission to Optica